20151016144114-sa2With the desire to increase the popularity of electronic fiscal receipts, citizen survey was conducted in May this year with goal to assess citizen’s affection for the introduction of fiscal lottery. Three-fifth of citizens considered introducing fiscal receipt lottery as positive measure. A majority of the public (55%) is interested in joining a lottery. Senior citizens are more likely to participate (60%). The willingness to participate in a receipt lottery does not differ between men and women or between different educational groups.

A clear majority (75%) of those who consider fiscal receipts to be a positive measure, as well as a quarter (25%) of those who criticize the EET (fiscal law in Czech Republic), would be involved in the game. People prefer winnings in cash, rather than winning prizes. They would prefer to get more winnings at lower value, possibly combining lower winnings at times with winnings more valuable. Most people prefer the lottery numbers to be entered via the online form on a specific web address. The second most common option to participate in the game should be when the trader himself registers the prize.

Finance Minister Ivan Pilny (NAO), shortly after taking office at the end of May, said that the fiscal lottery ticket should be launched from November 2017. Finally decision is to start a month earlier, before the elections that take place in October 1. The first prize draw will take place on November 15, from receipts issued during October. The drawing will take place every month, from receipts issued for a predetermined period. The consumer can only register one receipt per day from a single merchant. Receipt of course will have to be registered through EET.

The Ministry promises greater incentives from consumers to take receipts and thereby increase EET efficiency.

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