General information

Country Continent Region Country Code Internet Population Capital
Ethiopia Africa EAC ETH ET 90.000.000 Addis Ababa


Fiscal system information

Number of tax payers Fiscal start Fiscal update Fiscal type (Rule or Technology) No. users Certification required Electronic Journal Remote Audit Fiscal memory devices Digital Signature Online invoicing Lottery
2008 T 100.000 Y Y Y Y N N N



Address: FIRA, Debrezeit Road, near Global Hotel
PO Box 3087
Addis Ababa,Ethiopia
+251 1 669427



Ethiopia proclamation no 609 2008 – download PDF



The fiscal law has been introduced 2008. The total revenue annual average growth rate from 2007/2008 to 2011/2012 was 45.9%, whereas from 2004/2005 to 2007/2008 was 27.9%.
To be more specific VAT shows best performance, for instance, 2007/08 Birr 3.2 billion, 2008/09 Birr 4.8 billion, 2009/10 Birr 7.4 billion, 2010/2011 Birr 10.7 billion, and 2011/12 Birr 16.1 billion. This means fiscalization has contributed significantly to reach 49.4% average annual growth rate as compared to the 28.3% of the preceding four consecutive years.


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