ANAFWill Romania once again postpone the implementation of the Fiscal law annex (Ordinance 91/2014)? This week, National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR) filed a request to postpone the implementation foreseen for the period Jun-August 2018.

The request states that the proposed solution in the annex has been technologically overcome. They also say that the tax administration has not renewed its resources for a long time and that ANAF IT center should be modernized before the fiscal reform. It is emphasized that it is necessary to digitize all of Romania, including rural areas. Previous attempts have been canceled due to inappropriate infrastructure. It is better, they say, to postpone the process for a year or two and thus introduce a modern solution.

For decades, Romania has a system based on the first generation of fiscal devices with fiscal memory and a paper journal. The annex envisaged the replacement of a paper journal with electronic, as well as a periodic transfer of daily reports to the central tax administration server (ANAF server). Most likely, the new solution announced in annex does not anticipate the revolutionary technological change, corresponds to the hardware manufacturers, now present in the Romanian market.

On the other side, ANAF is already testing the communication between test users and ANAF servers, announcing it is ready.

The normative act regarding the Technical Approval Procedure for the new solution was approved and published in the Official Gazette no. 30 of January 12, 2018 , which regulates the following aspects:

  • the documents and equipment necessary to obtain the favorable technical approval,
  • the tests performed to obtain favorable technical approval,
  • the way to test the equipment that is part of a fiscal electronic cash register, as well as software.

The coming months will show what will happen in Romania.

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