TA slovakia (1)As announced in our previous News post (Slovakia: Virtual cash register -EKAS), in Slovakia, all fiscal cash registers must switch to online mode by the July 1. With this date, every taxpayer who did not register with the Tax Administration and took over the cash register code would be penalized. This is the biggest reform in Slovakia since introduction of the fiscal law in 1995.

By mid-June, the number of downloaded cash register codes was about 208,000, which is 85% of the expected number of fiscal devices. But as the number of taxpayers, manufacturers and services that did not prepare in time were great, a concession was made and at the last moment, an annex that moves the deadline for the end of the year came into force. Also as help, Call center advising taxpayers has extended their working hours.

In 2018. Slovakia introduced Virtual Cash Register system (VRP) for small taxpayers issuing maximum 3.0004228810_1200x receipts per month.  It’s an online billing system. This system is compatible with the newly introduced online model (ORP). This means that if  taxpayer is already VRP user (some  40,000), he is compatible with eKasa.

With introduction of eKasa ceases the obligation to submit daily reports to the tax administration, nor are taxpayers obliged to keep the reports in the cash register. A mandatory contract with an authorized service provider and the replacement of fiscal memories for 5 years is also being abolished.

The upgrade service will cost 100-200 EUR on average. It is expected that 10% of old users will not be able to upgrade their old cash registers, but will have to buy new ones.

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