There are many known and many mysterious ways in which the TAX can be evaded or exploited by criminals. The following list of problems can be fully solved by introducing the Sales Data Controller System for invoicing method.



Where tax is collected but not paid fully to the government. It is very common and the result is reporting only a proportion of sales, adjusting records and the accounts to match or making sales without any registration to business records.

  • printing receipts in the training mode without registration to journal tape or journal memory
  • use of ECR/POS as calculator, where totals are only visible on customer display without printing receipt and recording to journal tape or memory
  • journal OFF function
  • double tills
  • clearing memory the with use of master reset option

With these methods, taxpayers can also manipulate generated revenue so that they remain below the threshold and legally fail to register for the appropriate taxation system.


Where sales that are liable to be taxed at a certain rates are classified under tax exempt resulting in reduction of liability.




Nine undercover sting operations in and around Manhattan and the Bronx by investigators working for New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance (NY-DT&F) have identified the SSaaS variant of modern skimming. See here.



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