SDC solution can be chosen from variety of options.


Development of new technology is nowadays faster than ever. POS systems are becoming more affordable and position of the cashier is sometimes even replaced by the machine itself. The only system flexible enough to provide unified security regardless of the technology in use is the Sales Data Controller (SDC).


SDC system is meant to have configurable communication link to the host in such way that user comfort is not disturbed. User may change models of ECR/POS without a risk of losing accounting records or a need to procure a new controller.


For sophisticated systems in retail or hospitality sectors, where a single server in the back office has control of the multiple sales locations, SDC can monitor, record and sign all transaction which are addressing that server. This type of controller has multi-user feature to separate transactions per sales point IDs and secure storage with enough capacity to safe-keep receipt data for prescribed period by the Tax Authority.


Introducing a new system (or reorganizing an existing one) in respect to the related laws, can be very difficult when trying to accommodate current market situation and satisfy all concerned stakeholders including suppliers, taxpayers and their customers. We can help you, so feel free to contact us for more information.


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